Tail Spend Management

In an organization, there are 2 types of procurement. One is direct or critical items Procurement & Other is indirect or non critical items procurement. It is often noticed that Non critical procurement contribution to organizations total spend is around 20%, while number of suppliers are very large almost 3 times, this list of suppliers in Segeati we call as Tail. The remaining 80% of Spend is with few suppliers which we call Head.
With Segeati’s E-Platform especially built to tackle Tail Spend in your organization, you would be able reduce number of suppliers to 50%*, Eliminate repeated activities in your organization, Gain better control of your procurement, Improves Supplier compliance.

    Exclusive features of Segeati’s Tail Spend Management Feature
  • 1. Gain Extra Promise
  • 2. No-Cure No Pay Contract
  • 3. Elimination of repeated activities
  • 4. Better Supplier Compliance
  • 5. Visibility on Non Critical Spend
  • 6. On the go accessibility
  • 7. Seamless integration with SAP/Oracle/ other ERP

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